Look, you’re an adult now. You need to hear this.

The reason you are in your situation right now, has been the result of past decisions but the reason you will get richer…… or poorer will be the result of decisions you are going to make.

Do I look deeper into this now? Or do I do what I’ve done for years and avoid? I hope you look deeper. And you are.

The past is an INDICATOR, not a dictator, of the future.

The present, what you do now, looking deeper, making decisions will lead you forward. And there are two main types of decisions.

Some of these decisions you make will be conscious.

Do I invest in xxxx. Do I pay my bills. Do I read on. Yes. Conscious decisions you are aware of. Yes I will pay attention and focus.

And some decisions will be unconscious. Let me explain this one a bit deeper as its the unconscious that runs most of our lives. The unconscious is the super computer. So what are the unconscious decisions?

If you ‘just find yourself’ casually entering positive conversations about money. If you ‘just find yourself’ taking time out to develop yourself, that is your unconscious making decisions for you which will lead you to create more money easily and naturally.

Or if you ‘just find yourself’ spending money on things like most people do; nights out, nice dinners, buying and subscriptions. Somehow just accumulating and compounding small debts. That’s the result of unconscious decisions and strategies.

But the killer is turning away in fear or discomfort are harsh truths. Some people didn’t even get this far yet you did so you are on your way. AND YOU ARE ABLE TO TAKE it in. Even if what I’m about to share may be more uncomfortable and confronting.

Do you find yourself unsatisfied with knowing you’ve been studying, working and what you have to show for it all?

How many years have you been studying formally and informally?

How many years have you been working?

How much net wealth have you accumulated?

How many positive cashflows or passive cashflow streams have you made?

Yet you’ve been studying and working how many years?


My question to you is, how many more years will you sacrifice 30-40-50-60 hours a week? How many more opportunities will you sacrifice for your job? How much longer will you ignore your dreams and true passions because you haven’t figured out how to make passive income streams, purchase properties and stocks at great discounts and sell them for premiums, how to create simple JV’s (Joint Ventures) that allow your ‘profile’ not you, to create wealth while you do whatever you want?  How much longer do you want to live in the dark or worse yet, trying to manifest and pray while actually blocking yourself from creating tangible results?

I hope you can see how much the ‘rat race’ or merry go round of typical normal life actually costs.

Let’s say someone works just 10 years for $50,000 without increasing their salary, that’s $500,000 they have earned. Not including the cost of their education and time spent earning and studying. Yet how much passive income, growth assets, real wealth, have they accumulated? It could be $5million or $5dollars. What do you think it is for you?

Let’s say someone spends $10,000 on a family holiday or a single holiday. They feel awesome. Enjoy themselves. Great memories. And most people will probably spend $5000-$20,000 a year on holidays and breaks. Looking at $50,000-$200,000 spent over 10 years of great holidays and memories, but STILL IN THE RAT RACE not living passionate lives or on purpose.

Or let’s imagine the average person or an executive buying a nice car like a Tesla. First-year you know it’s like $50,000 for the 3Model or -$200,000 for the Xmodel and their great cars. 10 years later it’s worth 10-30%, but look at Tesla Stock.

Even if you are not an investor, is it really that hard to see that buying Tesla stock instead of a Tesla will give you a phenomenal return.

Yet we buy Iphones instead of Apple Stock.

We use Afterpay, CreditCards, Banks and Insurance instead of buying stocks in those very companies. Banks pay 0-3% interest, yet their stocks often pay 3-6% dividends.

The rich get richer as the poor get poorer but what do you expect! It’s the result of their programming but who and when are you going to reprogram yourself?

When is now time to start.

I’m going to offer you the program, where we get right into the mindset of Investors, Rich Dad’s, Wealth Warriors, and two types of people. In the Program, we will look at ‘average’ millionaires that make it millions with average weekly paychecks. We will look at ‘average’ millionaires that make it WITH high paid jobs. We will look at those that make it through Entrepreneuring.

$100,0000,0000 or $10,000,000 or $1,000,000 is possible.

$100,000 per year is possible.

And the cost is less than 1% of that. Currently just under $1k, $970

In this Program we are going to be looking into the minds of the wealthy and we are going to be discussing YOUR mind, helping you reprogram your own mind for financial success.

What if you were to Invest just, $970 USD. That could put you on the path that helped you earn your first passive $10,000. What if you were able to do a simple JV and that created $5-50,000per year.






Driving a car can be safe, especially if you’ve invested time, energy, money into driving lessons. Driving a car and putting your foot down hard, without any training is risky! Yet most people start their careers, start their first investments with minimal training. When you get this initial training, you will be diving deeper on everything we covered and understanding that even if you have $0 to invest, you can still invest. And if you have little experience or less than half a million dollars in your name, this program is ideal for you.


Surely you’ve heard of compound interest. What about compound education.



If your committed to making your way down the mountain you’ll always end up there in time. What Adrian will do is blow up the mountains in the way and strap a rocket to your back. I now know of Adrian’s character that he is someone truly on the path to bettering the world and it’s people, with a great arsenal of tools to help you get what you want whatever that may be, and an all around a great guy. I cannot recommend my fantastic coach, and now good friend, more.

Yizhi Guo, Easy Coating Co., Ltd. September 2013


Yizhi is taking his business global and on way to make multimillions but he is aiming for billions.


At the beginning of the Co-Vid Crisis March 2020, while everything was at all time lows. My investments were still double then what I started with. My life is following my passions, my directions. From Filming in places like New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, and now on my way to Canada, I get to choose where I want to go. Adrian is full of heart and soul. He helps a lot of people wake up to the fact that they can become financially free and it’s easier than you think.

Stephanie Muller, Videograhper and Vagabonder, November 2020


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This Wealth Program currently has 10 individual lessons in it for you to go through in your own time but the suggested time frame would be 5-10 weeks.

Currently, $970 USD.

GUARANTEE: When you start this program now, you will get a result that will compound. If don’t get the result fast enough I’ll give you a full refund (less bank/transfer fees) on these conditions. 1. You complete the questions on each module over at least 2 weeks (so you don’t just rush through skipping bits cause). 2. Take your financial statement from week 1 and show me that you have redone it at least twice. If your financial statement hasn’t improved a full refund, less bank/transfer fees will be promptly and happily given.



Currently, $970 USD


2021 OFFER, with your program you will get $500 to go towards any future training offered including NLP, Coaching certification or one to one coaching valid for 6 months from the purchase of this program.